Mailsleuth 2013!

Who sent you that email? Who do you contact? Who can trace your email? WE CAN! Mailsleuth 2013 is the longest running automated tool for tracing emails!


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22 Feb 2013
Mailsleuth 2013 is HERE

The newest version of Mailsleuth is HERE!




Mailsleuth database restored

The current database for Mailsleuth has been restored to the server.




what we do

Mailsleuth is the creation of Joe Seanor and has been running since 2005. In that time, mailsleuth has traced over 7,312 emails.

Mailsleuth was created to provide users with an automated way to trace emails. This way every possible way to trace an email and then sends you a report that tells you everything you need to know about that email.

How much does this cost? NOTHING! ZIP NADAZERO!

You just need to download the plugin for either Outlook or Thunderbird. ?


Client Says

I could not believe how quickly the report came back to me! I expected hours, and it showed up in less then 30 minutes! And so much information!!! Amazing!.

- Terry